Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Essential Facts about Garage Door Opener Keypads

Clicker Garage Door Opener Keypad
Clicker Garage Door Opener Keypad
Whatever garage door products and essential components you require; experts at 24 Austin Garage Doors are always here to assist you.

Garage door openers were invented by C.G, Johnson in 1926 and since then, there have been a lot of advancements made in the opener technology. Door openers enable anyone to open and close his/her garage door with a simple press of a button. Nowadays, door openers are innovatively controlled by remote controls, switches and even keypads that are installed outside the garage.

Delving Deeper into Garage Door Opener Keypads

Garage doors are the largest moving home equipment and the opener keypads provide an easy garage door operation without straining one’s back. The keypads are also referred to as keyless entry systems that give you simple access to your garage.

After entering your personally chosen PIN or 4-digit code, there is a dual-frequency radio that will operate the keypad. To become more accessible, you can set up the key-less entry pad outside the door of your garage. Use the code and your garage door will automatically open without the use of any key. This is a great feature, especially if you accidentally lock yourself outside your home or you have to let other people in. Opener keypads will also give you peace of mind due to the additional home security that it provides. They often come with door opener, but you can also buy a universal door keypad. Just make sure that the keypad works with your existing garage door opener before you make a purchase. If you know that your garage door is over five years old, it might be best to test the keypad before making a purchase.

The Safety Rules to Keep In Mind

If you have decided to buy garage door keypads, there are many important safety rules that you have to remember such as:
  • Mount the door keypad no less than 5’ from the ground
  • Do not allow your children to use the keypad
  • Never give your children your car remote and explain them that it is not a toy
  • Keep the door of your garage in sight while it is opening and closing
Because of the excellent innovations in the garage industry, keypads and garage door openers Austin have become more dependable and functional than ever before. The newest models now come with excellent features and accessories such as a battery backup so that you can still use your opener even when your experience power outage.

Opener keypads today also come in safety features, such as the rolling codes that are necessary to prevent those hackers from hacking your pin. With the technological evolutions, many wireless keypads have also been a great necessity than a luxury. If you are looking for a durable and reliable garage door opener that comes with high-class features, 24AustinGarageDoors.com will give you cutting-edge products that will meet your needs. The company will also ensure that you get the best interest in each of your purchase.

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